Why I Choose A Private Jet Membership Card

Flying private is a phenomenon that has come in handy in helping to revolutionize how I do my business. I do a lot of traveling to meet clients and explore new real estate markets. The chance to fly private allows me the convenience to fly to these destinations and meet my clients on time. I have first-hand recounts of the convenience that a private jet membership card can afford a person. I encourage all businesses looking to save on travel costs by private planes to subscribe to this form of booking their flights.

Recently, my PA informed me that as a way of ensuring more flexibility and luxury when traveling, I will now have a chartered plane membership card. The word struck me and I had to ask more about it. She was kind enough to take me through what it meant and the benefits that it will offer me and my company. If you’re to think and ask yourself how much does a private jet cost per flight, then making good use of a membership card can save you and your company a decent amount of money while still being able to travel in the best luxury available to you.

After having flown privately for more than five years, upgrading this to membership cards was a new experience. One year on, I still thank Kathy and my other team members for having brainstormed this idea. In this post, I will share some of the benefits of using these membership cards and how they are helping to make my business more efficient.

I Get to Choose the Type of Plane to Fly In

The most intriguing thing about a chartered plane membership card is that it allows my team and I to choose the type of plane to fly in. Well, not directly at the hangar, but when making the travel arrangements. Depending on what we intend to complete by the time we touch down at our destination, we can choose a plane with a board room-like feel or simply one with luxury.

This flexibility has come in handy at those moments when we needed to prepare for presentations or put final touches on some documents. Through this feature, I can attribute five multi-million real estate project deals to the ability to work while on the plane. In all these deals, we left our main office unprepared, but we would sit in a board room of some sort and work out the finer details of the deals.

I Can Reserve a Plane Seat on Short Notice

Having a chartered plan membership card also offers me the flexibility of reserving a seat to a destination on short notice. Usually, when I fly private, I have to ask someone to book me a plane at least three days ahead of schedule to ensure that I don’t encounter any challenges on the day of travel. However, with a membership card, the chartering company allows us to book a flight within a shorter notice of up to 12 hours. That doesn’t mean you’d probably not get your desired seat if you don’t have a membership card. You can simply visit websites like https://www.fastprivatejet.com/en/jet-charter to book a private jet a bit ahead of time and book your desired seat for yourself and travel around the world.

However, having access to this type of convenience makes it possible for me to meet potential clients on shorter notice and thus close deals faster. I remember one time back in January last year when a business partner called me to tell me that there was a deal that we needed to close by end of the day. The potential client, who would later become one of the biggest we dealt with last year, had to fly back to Monte Carlo by that night. With the 12-hour reservation, I was able to fly to LA to close the deal on time and even had two hours before meeting the client. This extra time allowed me to prepare my presentation and brief my partner on what approach we will take during the negotiation.

My Company Saves on Travel Costs

Previously, we would book each executive a seat on a private jet each time they needed to travel. With membership cards, however, we pay for a certain amount of flight hours a year. We ensure that all the cards spend the hours on them by rotating them among the executives each time any of them has to travel. By doing this, we save on the costs of individual travel that previously used to balloon especially when prospecting new clients and projects.