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Stephen J. Tate

The Batwatrail is above all a travel diary. A desire for adventure, new horizons, but most of all to leave the routine behind and simply enjoy life through this journey. I like to work around 4 pillars that are close to my heart: authenticity, ecology, adventure and world gastronomy. As you can imagine, I love to share, laugh and enjoy life and simple pleasures!

“Because I have the feeling that time goes too fast and when I travel it seems to slow down a bit. Because when the landscape passes under my feet or in front of my eyes, suddenly I feel like I’m united within myself. Because how could I do otherwise if I want to try to live several lives. » – Sylvain Tesson, my favorite author.

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Athens Tourist Attractions – Monuments & Parks

Monuments and parks also known as museums are a must see for the tourists of Athens. Athens has a number of world famous museums featuring ancient Greek art. The museums in Athens are. The Acropolis is the near perfect example of classical Greek architecture. Standing high up in the Piraeus area, it was thought that the tower could not be reached by the ordinary people. However, a careful archaeological study has revealed that the Piraeus area was actually…

Touring the Costa Blanca

The sun-baked Costa Blanca is a 170 mile stretch of white sandy blue flagged beaches, bright yellow cottages, turquoise blue water and interspersed with quaint fishing villages. It is situated in the province of Alicante and is within the Valencian Community. The Summer months of March to May is the best time to visit this place as the temperatures range from 20°C in the morning to 14°C at night. The evenings can be quite cold during November though …